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Submissions & Rules:

1. All letters to the editor will be sent to dearfandommanners at gmail.com with the subject of "Dear Ms. Fandom Manners". Letters will be chosen for their entertainment potential and relevance to current issues in fandom, as well as overall readability.

All submissions must be written in letter format. As in:
Dear Ms. Manners
Blah Blah Blah, Problem inserted here.
Moniker of Choice (If you do not choose a moniker, we will.)

2. Letters must pertain to the general topics of fandom and/or fandom issues, such as writing fanfic, creating fanart, collaborating on fanfic/fanart, running/participating in challenges, plotbunnies, feedback, character relationships, prompts, canon, crack, ship wars, etc. Ms. Fandom Manners welcomes all sorts of lovely subject to natter on about, dearhearts!

3. All submission must be vagued up. If you are having a serious (or not so serious) problem with the proper etiquette of addressing the current round of Care Bear Slash wank at carebearsdoeveryone, then by all means, write in. However don't mention the comm by name, or refer to the lurid specifics of
kinkyfunbearwanks' argument against Care Bears using protection, and Care Bear Crossovers. Keep it vague, friends. Letters that address specific individuals, communities, challenges, stories, art or wank will not be chosen. Ms. Fandom Manners is not here to promote the dramaz, darling.

4. Type like a human being. Whoever is typing for Ms. Manners is unlikely to respond well to anY1 wHo TIpes Lik Dis or who uses more acronyms than words. The English language loves you. It wants you to love it. It doesn't want you to abuse it.

5. Be specific. Ms. Manners is not personally involved in every single fandom. If you mention a fandom, she is not going to automatically know who you are referring to if you refer to their initials, or to a pairing name. You will be more likely to have your letter addressed if you say something like:
In a recent debate on a comm I'm in, there was a discussion about the mating habits of werewolves, and whether Remus Lupin (a werewolf from the Harry Potter fandom) changed for one night or three, and while I wanted to join in the debate, I was wondering if it would be rude to say. . .
So there was totally this argument about werewolves during an RL/SS debate and I wanted to chime in and say that. . .

See the difference? In one, Ms. Manners is confused, in one she is not. You won't like Ms. Manners when she's confused. She gets very snooty.

6. Play Nice. Comments are enabled on entries, so you can chime in with your own snark and suggestions. Try not to make whoever wrote in feel as if they are slime unworthy of surfing the web, please.

Comments to letters that are cruel, critical, trollish or a deliberate attempt to start drama will be frozen. The author will receive one warning before being banned from the comm. The Ban Hammer comes swift and sure!

8. This community is for entertainment and fun. Please have a sense of humor when you click the "join" button.

There is no 7. 6 was too afraid of it. We had to ask it to leave.


Dear Fandom Manners, Plz Halp!

Dear Ms. Fandom Manners

fan·dom (fān'dəm) n. :fans collectively, as of television series, books, movies, etc.

man·ners (mān'ərz) pl.n. :1. The socially correct way of acting; etiquette.

Quotes are from thinkexist.com

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