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Dear Ms. Fandom Manners

Plz Halp! The Intarwebz is Cryin'!

Dear Fandom Manners, Plz Halp!
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Letters to the editor for advice on fandom etiquette & manners
Dear Ms. Fandom Manners:
More Manners, please!

fan·dom (fān'dəm) n. :fans collectively, as of television series, books, movies, etc.
man·ners (mān'ərz) pl.n. :1. The socially correct way of acting; etiquette.

Have you ever wondered what the proper etiquette is for fanart based on a fanfic? Fanfic based on porn? How to make that really hot smut scene work despite the fact that it's most likely anatomically incorrect? Is lube optional or necessary? What are the the really kinky kinks and how do you avoid ending up on fandom_wank? if so, Dear Fandom Manners is for you! If not, well, maybe you're just here for the lulz, that's okay too!

This community is geared towards those who read and write fanfic or create fanart, but all members of any fandom are welcome! Large fandoms, small fandoms, obscure or popular, we welcome all. This place is about the common experience of fandom, across all different interests and the funny that can be found in anything!

1. Ms. Fandom Manners posts once a week, answering a selection of letters sent to her. Letters are from REAL readers, unless noted otherwise.

2. Submission Guidelines & Community Rules can be found HERE. The list of things Ms. Fandom Manners will not be addressing can also be found there. Don't make me bring out the Ban-Hammer, darlings, it's quite heavy!

3. The FAQ, addressing many pressing issues like just WHO is Ms. Fandom Manners, guest writers, polls and other delicious tidbits can be found HERE.

4. All readers are welcome to comment and offer their own advice, funny, serious or otherwise, but play nicely amongst each other, or I will release the plot bunnies upon thee!

5. Any suggestions, comments or concerns can be sent to our email!

Ms. Fandom Manners does not promise to be consistently funny, entertaining or offensive, or even consistently posted. The concept depends on audience participation and contribution, so it's up to you, my dear readers to keep me in business! Don't let me down. I have a rabid pack of plot bunnies and I know how to use them.

This community IS for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered the end all or be all expert on any fandom, etiquette or the delicate nuances of either.

The entire concept of this community can be squarely placed on the shoulders of seperis and her post here.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Fandom Manners about affiliation!